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Housing Development

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IADG holds the belief that every girl should have access to a secure, nurturing environment where she can smoothly transition into adulthood. We are confident that with the appropriate tools, resources, and support, the girls who graduate from DG House will attain full independence and self-sufficiency. Your contribution will play a crucial role in ensuring that we achieve this goal.



The DIVA Girl House is a two-year transitional living program specifically designed to support and empower young adults between the ages of 18 and 26 who may be facing challenges in their transition into adulthood. Our program accommodates up to 8 girls at a time, providing them with a safe, healing-oriented, and independent living environment.

As part of the program, each resident will be assigned a housing case manager who will work closely with them to facilitate a successful transition into permanent housing. The case manager will assist in goal-setting, accessing necessary resources such as basic needs, and providing support in areas such as education, employment services, and more.

To enroll in the program and benefit from our services, certain requirements and criteria need to be met. These may include demonstrating a commitment to personal growth, willingness to actively participate in the program workshops, and engaging in the development of life skills essential for independent living.

At the DIVA Girl House, our primary focus is to help young women build a strong foundation for their future, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to navigate the challenges of adulthood successfully. We are dedicated to fostering personal growth, empowering our residents, and facilitating a smooth transition into a fulfilling and independent life.

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To be eligible for enrollment in the DIVA Girl House program, DIVA GIRL must meet the following requirements:

  • Accept and actively participate in case management: Residents must be open to engaging with their assigned case manager, attending regular meetings, and actively working towards their personal development and transition goals.

  • Verify sources of income: Residents will be required to provide documentation verifying their sources of income, ensuring transparency and accountability within the program.

  • Work on Independent Living goals: Each resident will be expected to actively pursue and work towards specific Independent Living goals, which may include acquiring essential life skills, financial management, job readiness, and more.

  • Contribute to rent payment: Residents will be responsible for contributing a portion of their income towards rent. The contribution amount will be based on a percentage (up to 30%), with a minimum payment of one dollar.

  • Participate in an Individual Development Account or savings plan (if applicable): If the resident's income exceeds 50% of the median income, they will be encouraged to participate in an Individual Development Account or other savings plan, which promotes financial independence and long-term stability.

  • Obtain a GED (if not already obtained): Residents who have not achieved a General Educational Development (GED) credential will be supported in obtaining one, as it opens doors to further education and employment opportunities.

  • Maintain steady employment: If a resident enters the program without employment, they will be given a timeframe of six months to secure steady employment. This requirement is aimed at fostering financial independence and stability.

These criteria are designed to ensure a commitment to personal growth, financial responsibility, and active engagement in the program. By meeting these expectations, youth in the DIVA Girl House program will have access to valuable resources, support, and opportunities for a successful transition into adulthood.


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  • Safe and stable housing

  • Nutritious Meals

  • Life-Skills workshops

  • Mental Health Support

  • Mentorship

  • Educational Support

  • Life Coaching

  • Counseling and Support Groups

  • Case Management 

  • Career and Employment Services

  • Empowerment and Self-esteem Building

  • Peer Support

  • Independence Skills Training

  • Supportive and Nurturing Environment

  • and so much more





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