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Every girl deserves an opportunity to turn her dreams into reality!

The lack of resources should never hinder her from achieving success in her adult life. It is essential that we work towards creating a world where every girl has access to the necessary support, education, and resources to pursue her aspirations. By breaking down barriers and providing equal opportunities, we can empower girls to overcome challenges and thrive in their chosen paths, ensuring that their dreams can indeed come true.

-Ty Turner


Tireion "Ty" Turner, a Seattle native, is a driven individual who has always prioritized education. She is the oldest of five siblings and proudly graduated from Rainer Beach High School. Ty then pursued her higher education at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, on a basketball scholarship. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunication with a concentration in Public Relations.


In 2015, Ty continued her academic journey by enrolling in City University, where she earned her Master's in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Throughout her educational pursuits, Ty discovered her passion for supporting young women in their personal and professional development.


Motivated by her desire to empower young girls, Ty founded I Am DIVA Girl, an initiative aimed at motivating and empowering them to take charge of their lives through personal and professional growth. Ty devotes her time to encouraging and motivating young women, striving to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Ty has over 10+ years in youth development. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a strong commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation. As a Program Manager, she oversaw a diverse range of programs, each designed to inspire and support the growth of young minds. Her dedication to creating impactful and engaging experiences for youth has not only positively influenced the lives of countless young individuals but has also left an indelible mark on the organizations she has served. Ty's passion for youth development and her wealth of experience make her a valuable asset in any endeavor aimed at shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Ty's life mission revolves around breaking down barriers to success for young women. She assists them in seeing beyond their current circumstances, providing exceptional support and the necessary tools to build confidence and excel in any endeavor. Through her work, Ty aims to instill a renewed sense of hope in the future of these aspiring young women.




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